Connecting to VPN


VPN allows users to connect remote devices to the university network. This allows connectivity to some university services and devices that aren't available outside of the University of Lynchburg network.

Step 1 - Setup for VPN Client on Computer

  1. If you do not already have it installed, download and install FortiClient from
    • Be sure to click on the right version (Windows or Mac)
    • Login name is your University of Lynchburg network credentials without
    • Password is your network password
  2. If it asks you to install Remote Access, select 'Yes.' 
  3. Once FortiClient is installed, open it and select Remote Access in the sidebar.
    1. Select Configure VPN.
    2. Name your connection whatever you like.
    3. Remote Gateway:
    4. Authentication (Save Login): Your university username. The same one used earlier in these steps.
    5. Click Apply.

Step 2 - Install FortiToken App for MultiFactor Authentication

MultiFactor Authentication allows the University of Lynchburg network to remain secure by ensuring that outside connections are verified through multiple credentials.

  1. Install FortiToken App on mobile device.
  2. If you have been entered into the system as a VPN user, you will have an email from with the subject line:
    • FTM Activation on Fortigate
  3. Open the above email and search for the Activation Code.
  4. Open the FortiToken Mobile App and select Enter Manually.
    1. Create a name for your token.
    2. Enter your Activation Code exactly as it appears in the activation email.
      • Fortitoken Mobile will automatically convert lowercase to uppercase so there is no need to use Shift or Caps Lock when typing the code.
      • This activation must be done by the indicated expiration date in your email.
  5. Click Done. You will now see the name you entered on the Token List view.

Step 3 - Using VPN Access

  1. On your computer
    1. On Computer open FortiClient VPN application
    2. Enter university username and password
    3. Click Connect
    4. A field will open asking for the FortiToken
  2. On your mobile device
    1. Open the FortiToken App
    2. Click the eye icon to reveal the code
  3. On your computer
    1. Enter the code from FortiToken on your computer
    2. Press Enter

Congratulations! You are now connected to the VPN


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