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Information about your University of Lynchburg accounts, access to administrative and business applications, requesting a new account, and more.

Help with your existing computer, monitor, tablet, mobile, or other device including mine and keyboards.

Request service for an existing printer.

Get support for your email, calendar, collaboration tools, and related services such as distribution lists, resource calendars, or shared mailboxes.

Request activations, changes, or repairs to phone communications or request help with Mitel phone software.

Get help with LMS, including setting up new courses; report issues or request assistance in any of our classrooms our computer labs; request new software installations in the computer labs.

Gain access to the wired and wireless networks, help with remote access, or request a new network service activation.

Learn about our IT security policies, data integrity and compliance; report viruses, malware, or email phishing.

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General Support

Use this for a general help question not defined elsewhere